Mas de Carrat dominates the “garrigue” of Languedoc and Saint Drézery, well known for it’s worn pebbles floors which gives a unique character to wines of the region.

With its magnificent 360° views, the vineyard goes all the way down the hills until it meets with the olive tree plantations.

Sun drenched during the day, it gets much cooler at night due to the marine wind that touches the hill.

At Mas de Carrat, the vines are raised with love and respect of their nature and within the spirit of a sustainable viticulture. Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre find their balance, between sea and Garrigue, on this particular clay and limestone soil.

The harvest of the grapes, at full maturity, takes place in the dawn of the first autumn days, when the fruits gathered all the freshness of the nights.

They are collected and sorted before their arrival at the naturally air-conditioned winery.


For rosé wines, the grapes are pressed and their best juices are selected to ferment in thermo-regulated vats, in order to extract their freshness, fineness and complexity.

For red wines, the grape berries are disposed in concrete vats; following a long soaking work, fermentation, spreading tannins and some color, to obtain a subtle balance of a great red wine.Later then, the raising is realized in oak barrels.

The first millésimes of “red” and “rosé” of the new owners were undertaken in 2005.