In the early 2000’s that Sandrine Mialanes founded Mas de Carrat; a 28 hectare vineyard that enjoys a magnificent position on Saint Drézery’s terroir.

The vineyard is located about 20 km north of Montpellier, in Languedoc.

The history of Mas de Carrat began about 40 years earlier in 1962, when Louis Spitaleri, a frail young man from Tunesia arrived in France without any money in his pockets.

Thanks to a small loan, he was able to acquire a rocky hillside with the view of the sea.

For 15 years he worked hard to clear the land, stone by stone and draw the vineyard’s landscape.

Today, Sandrine Mialanes uses her demanding personality and a modern approach to lead the vineyard and its wine production.

With an ideal location and optimal weather conditions, Sandrine has sought to optimize the vineyard’s production.

With her team she realized a great renovation of the crops, optimizing the balance of the grapes, improving the vineyard’s efficiency and becoming engaged in the conversion to organic viticulture.