Extra virgin olive oil from Mas de Carrat

Olive trees have been part of the Languedoc landscape for thousands of years. We planted them here at
Mas de Carrat as part of our efforts to enrich biodiversity by means of polyculture.

We planted our first olive trees in 2011 in the aim of developing this traditional crop
using natural methods, just as we do on the rest of the estate. The trees have adapted extremely well
very stony, deep and well-drained soils of Mas de Carrat.

Today, the olive grove covers six hectares and has some twenty native species.
We harvested our first crop in late 2017. Every year since then, our olive trees have yielded a wonderful
extra virgin olive oil which is keenly sought after by olive oil lovers.



Our extra virgin olive oil is extracted by a special process at the Mas Palat mill, a few kilometres from the estate. The olives are pressed without the slightest addition of water, which means that the end product is pure, containing nothing but the juice of the olive fruit. The oil resulting from our different varieties of olive trees is incredibly fragrant and tasty. Unctuous, subtle and harmonious, it is a fruity nectar that will delight the most discerning connoisseur.